【Official】Yufu Makoto Hitsuki

2018.12.11 majestic Grand Renewal Open

  • ◆12/11 Renewal Open Special Memorial◆Winter season & creative kaiseki plan luxury

    Visit many customers and take care of everyone's patronage
    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and will continue to
    I would like to thank you for "Shinsei (Kirara)" newborn.

    ■Having Yufu monopolized as "Bungo Fuji"■
    (1) The view from the guest room bath is recommended.
    (2) The view from the wood terrace is recommended.
    (3) Especially early morning, Yufu-taki in the evening is recommended

    ■A variety of dishes that can not be eaten at "Other Ryokan"■
    Takahara vegetables, rice, animal husbandry, bungo water valued using the cool weather
    Tightened fish. In particular, received the Prime Minister's Prize in 2007
    One of the best Japanese black cattle in Japan (Oita Bungo who is representative of Oita Bungo)
    A number of superb gems and superb gems that conscious of the season.
    Kaiseki of the ultimate taste of skilled chief chef.

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